Design Capability

The design institute of Huaxing Steel Structure, associating with Tsinghua University , Shanghai Tongji University and other domestic well-know institutions, had established a technology center of provincial-level enterprise. It is based on advanced tech, and new industrial tech as the task and has engaged in a plenty of construction research projects and participated in major activities about domestic or foreign steel structure for academic exchange and then provides a reliable technical support for the future development while constantly upgrading its own strength. After many years of forward marching, Huaxing has trained a corps of diverse and flexible elite team who can complete steel structure optimization design independently, refine detail drawing skillfully, and standardize the installation procedures completely.

In purpose of better design and research for the company, it keeps recruiting various talents in steel structure. Now, the Company has nearly 100 professional engineers and designers. Most of them were graduated from the renowned steel structure faculties of colleges and universities.Our advantage is also reflected in the modernized computer design and research center. Applied software for structural design, such as PKPM exploited by China Architecture Design and Research Institute, 3D3S and MTS by Shanghai Tongji University, X-STEEl for structural breakdown from Finland etc. to make sure the innovation and generation. These advanced steel structure design, calibration software technology centers uses can carriy out research and design deeply. 

Huaxing has dominated its own unique advantages in light gauge steel structure of single layer, high rise and tier steel building and other areas of steel structure. It also can provide design and optimization proposal of high-level and complex steel structure in accordance with the requirements of clients. We will strive to offer all good intentions of service for every customer by our powerful HR and the superb technical strength.