Characteristics Of Steel Structure Building

May 28, 2014

Steel structure building is mainly based the steel manufacturing. It is one of the main types of building structures. Steel structure building is composed by roof, structure of OSB panel, waterproof layer, lightweight roofing tile. Materials also have many types. There are many alternatives about appearance. Steel structure building will be research on high strength steel. It greatly improves the yield point strength.
Steel structure building material has the characteristics of good homogeneity and isotropy. The most consistent with the basic assumption of the general engineering mechanics. It has plastic materials, good toughness, and can have a larger deformation. So it can well bear dynamic loading. The characteristic of high strength, light weight and high stiffness. So it is particularly suitable for building a large span and super high, super heavy buildings.
Steel structure building period is short, degree of industrialization is high and can carry out specialized production of high mechanization degree. It is mainly used for load-bearing skeleton heavy workshop, shell structure, tall TV Tower and mast structure and so on. Steel structure industrial production is in highest degree and can be mass production,manufacturing of high precision. Using factory production, site installation of construction methods, can shorten the cycle, reduce cost, improve economic efficiency.