Design In Steel Structure Manufacturer

Jun 19, 2014

Steel structure design is very important, so we must be careful in designing. Steel structure is usually used in the structure such as high-rise buildings, large span, complex shape, load or the crane load, with large vibration, can activities or frequent dismounting structure. Intuitive to say, building, gymnasium, opera house, bridge, tower, sculpture, barn, factories, residential, mountain and temporary buildings and so on. These are consistent with characteristic of steel structure. The characteristics of different structure forms should be take into account in structure selection. In the workshop, You can consider to give up the door frame and use the rack when a larger hanging mobile load or large range.  Roof curve should be helpful for snow slide in the area with big snow. The layout of support in the frame will have better economy than simple frame with rigid joint. And you can choose the component that suspension or the cable membrane structure system in the roof cover larger span of building.
Design in high-rise steel structure manufacture often use steel concrete composite structure. In the high earthquake intensity or very irregular high-rise, you should not only for the economy to select against seismic core barrel and the frame form. You had better choose peripheral giant SRC column, core for braced frame structure system.