Economy H Section Steel

Jul 21, 2014

H section steel is a kind of new economy construction steel. Section shape of H section steel is economic and reasonable. It has good mechanical properties. Each point extended uniform and internal stress is small when rolling. Compared to the ordinary I-steel, it has the advantages of big section modulus, light weight and saving metal. H section steel can make the building structure reduce about 30% to 40%. The inner and outer side of the leg are in parallel and leg end is a right angle. Assembled into components can save welding and riveting work. H section steel is often used for the large building which needs big bearing capacity and good stability of section. Such as factory buildings and high-rise buildings. Certainly H section steel is also suitable for bridge, ship, lifting transport machinery, equipment foundation, support, foundation pile.

H section steel is belong to efficient and economic cutting surface profile. It can make steel in higher performance and improve the bearing capacity due to its reasonable section shape. Flange of H section steel is widened, the inner and outer surface are both parallel. This can convenient to the bolt that connect with other members. Its size is reasonable and model is complete. So it is also easy to chosen by designers.