Environmental Potential To Steel Structures Building

Jun 12, 2014

With the development of awareness of environmental protection to people, more and more buildings start to use steel structure construction  which could save energy. Environmental protectionof steel structure can not only bring economicbenefits, but also make contributions to the social problems of environment and resources.
Demand for resources and products in the construction industry is largest. While on the natural resources, the destruction of the ecological environment and the impact is the biggest. So people usually shoul take a long time but also very carefully in order to make the decision when building houses. The environmental protection of steel structure now has been affectionately known as the green building in twenty-first Century. Thisreputationis notweakness lends wings to rumours. It is obtained by  the unique advantage of environmental protectionof steel structure. Its recycling use building structure is not only in line with the development of energy conservation policy, but also satisfy with the sustained and healthy economic development.
Next we will introduce potential to the steel structure. Construction of environmental protection steel house is lighter than the traditional housing weight. And its using area can also increased about five percent. Thisis a big advantage of lightweight and high strength. Certainly steel structure has good performance of the seismic resistant. Due to some components are finished in factory, so it will reduce the work of site construction and shorten the working time. This is very in line with the requirements of industrialization. Besides that steel structure also could be used recyclable.