Steel Structure Build Green And Low Carbon Building

Sep 23, 2014

Recent years, steel structure rise quickly as a green cycle and low carbon building in China. Some expert point that this will make a large market to steel structure. At the same time, it will put forward new and higher requirements to steel supplier.

At present, there is little species and bad quality stability in China. Many steel structure manufacture pay little attention on steel supplying. So they should find new varieties of steel in order to meet the requirement of steel market.

Carbon emissions of the traditional construction account for almost 50% in total carbon emissions. This proportion is far higher than the transport and industry. In Europe, Australia and Japan, the local construction industry is very concerned about the carbon constraints and circular economy. Steel structure housing assembly has developed to a very perfect stage. And it has been account upon 40% of total residential building. This assembly type steel structure can saving resources, reduce pollution, protect environment. And it also offer a healthy, suitable and efficient using space. Steel structure residential or building will broke boundary line of real estate, construction, machinery and equipment manufacturing, new building materials, green construction, disaster prevention and mitigation, kitchen appliances decoration industries.