Steel Structure Manufacturer

May 14, 2014

Steel structure manufacturer is suitable for the special important buildings because of its accurate calculation and high reliability. Steel structure building is safe and reliable and the steel material is evenly. Also it has good plasticity and toughness. Due to welding structure can be sealed completely, the steel structure has good airtight. High pressure vessel, large oil depot, gas tank, pipe with shell structure which needs good air tightness and water tightness are suitable for steel structure.
Fire resistance of steel structure is worse than the reinforced concrete. Generally speaking, steel structure is used for the occasion which under 250 centigrade. If buildings have special requirements for fire protection, steel structure must be maintained with refractory material. It has good heat resistance and small changes of its properties under 250 centigrade. After the temperature reaches to 30 centigrade, the strength   decrease gradually.
Our advanced structural steelfabrication and welding operations are always performing the highest standard. With our international advanced CNC fabrication equipment, we could provided all kinds of steel structure for power plants industry.
When using steel structure, the self weight of the structure is often smaller with same loading conditions. The materials are in high strength and bulk density of steel structure are large. As a professional steel structure designer and manufacturer, we produce and export large varieties of heavy and light duty steel structures, such as large span factory steel structure buildings, workshops, etc.