Steel Structure Of Bird Nest In China

Aug 5, 2014

Steel structure is very popular in developed country. There is very broad prospects of development to China steel structure manufacturer. Generally speaking, the beam use H type steel. And connected nodes use high-strength bolts or welding. At present steel structure housing is popular in the industrial developed countries. Fireproof material mainly adopts the fireproof paint or fire board coating. There are about 50% residential building with steel frame in Japan and 20% in America. It has been formed residential industrialization of steel structural system in Finland, Sweden, Denmark and France. The requirements to high-rise and long-span construction are also getting higher and higher because of human cultural life continues to improve.

Steel structure has the advantages of light weight, high strength and fast construction. So it is very ideal that adopt steel structure for high and long span, especially for super high and super long span. At present, the most highest and biggest constructions all adopt steel structure in the world. By the way, the Olympic Games venues also mostly use steel structure.

Bird nest which made by China steel structure manufacturer is regarded as main stadium in Beijing Olympic Games. Bird nest is a venues with largest investment and technological content. It is also a key project which is in highest concern, highest technical content and most difficult in the Olympic Games projects. Bird nest steel structure are all completed with welding and without any screw. Stell structure of bird nest has been coated antirust paint with five layers. The antirust paint has functions of anti-corrosion, moisture-proof and fireproof. Besides the bird nest has two two layer of the film. The upper lay is ETFE and the lower one is EPFT. These can prevent audience in bird nest from rain and sun.