Strengthening Principle For Steel Building Structures

May 22, 2014

Strengthening the steel building structures is a complex work and its strengthening method should be consider by many aspects, such as convenient construction, good effect, economic rational and does not affect the production. General principles of strengthening are as followings:
1.Structure reinforcement project should be convenient for manufacturing, construction and check.
2.Manufacturing assembling had better carried out in the production area
3.Strengthening should not stop or suspend production as far as possible.
4.Connecting reinforcement had better use high strength bolts or welding.
5.Check carrying capacity after weakening the drill section while strengthening. And the original member stress generated by actual load had better under 60 percent of strength steel design. The limit must not exceed 80%, otherwise, you should take corresponding measures to welding.

Steel structure is widely used in buildings, railways, bridges and housing industry. The structure based on the steel structure and it is one of the main types of building structures. Features of steel are high strength, light weight, good integral rigidity and deformation ability. So steel structure is especially suitable for building large span, super high and super heavy buildings. Our advanced structural steel fabrication and welding operations are always performing the highest standard. With our international advanced CNC fabrication equipment, we could provided all kinds of steel structure for power plants industry.