Which Building Is Most Safe During Earthquake

Jul 4, 2014

Generally speaking seismic capacity of building has relationship with design. Steel structure building and reinforced concrete structure have more strong seismic capacity. But brick concrete structure has weaker seismic capacity. So there is always with structural column and the ring beam.
You must go to the nearest and escape when earthquake. Quickly evacuated to a safe place, it is a better way to contingency protection after the earthquake. It means that making different measures according to different conditions.
In school teachers and leaders should be calm and resolute when earthquake. The area which has medium and long-term earthquake prediction should combine with the teaching activities. Teachers had better tell some knowledge about earthquake to students. And teachers also must arrange students to transfer, evacuation routes and sites before earthquake. Calmly directing students evacuate in order. In the durable and safe houses people can escape under the desk and podium. Students in teaching building can go to the small hall and with a pipeline support room. Don't let students run or jump off building.

When the earthquake occurred, glass of high-rise buildings, advertising signs and neon light frame may fall wounding. So people had better put their leather bags or soft things on their head. If there is nothing soft things, you can put your hand on head to protect. Leave the poles and the wall, run to a broader regional to escape.